When you plan your holiday you have to think about how you want to pay all the arising expenses abroad and it can be risky to carry all your money with you. The safest way to take money abroad is still a traveller cheque. If your cheque is stoles you haven’t lost any money as only the person with the name on the traveller cheque can cash them. This means they are completely useless to thieves. Furthermore if you lose one of your cheques they can be replaced very quickly and usually by the following day. When you decide for taking traveller cheques with you, you have to sign them once, and then a second time when you use it together with proofing your identity with a passport.

However, the best traveller cheques still aren’t the most popular way to take money abroad any more  as it can be a bit difficult to find a bank which carries out this sort of transaction. Furthermore you are often charged with a fee for purchasing these cheques. You can use them usually in hotels, banks and foreign exchange bureaus. When you “buy” your traveller cheques at home, you get the money at a set exchange rate, which means you even save money as you don’t have to worry about the current exchange rate.

Some banks offer traveller cheque cards which can be used at ATMs and are more likely to be accepted in foreign merchants.

There are many different banks that provide the service of traveller cheques. They differ in delivery time, maximal amount and exchange rates. Go on the internet and visit price comparison pages to find the best offer.

Do you always exchange your money at a bureau de change? This may not be the most reliable or convenient option for you. Exchanging your money into foreign currency at a bureau de change in time for your trip abroad may seem an easy option however such establishments have poor exchange rates and high commission fees meaning you won’t be getting the full value of your money. If you are planning a trip abroad travel money companies offer you a more economical option of buying foreign currency in advance at more competitive exchange rates.

Before you go away, whether you are going on holiday or you are going abroad for business purposes, it is important to be prepared financially and make sure that you have some foreign currency in hand in time for your arrival. Some places or establishments may not accept your credit or debit card however if you have already purchased foreign exchange you can avoid these kind of situations.

Travel money can be purchased online or over the telephone so it’s a quick and easy process. If you lead a busy and stressful life then travel money companies can offer you their services where you can get the foreign currency you need with no hassle or stress involved. Your travel money can be picked up from a local branch or if it’s more convenient for you most travel money companies offer a delivery service; here a courier will deliver the money to where it’s best for you, usually either your home or office. With a travel money provider you can avoid costly commission fees however this varies between companies, as do rates so it is advisable to research this before purchasing your travel money.

If you are planning a holiday or visit abroad then you will want to think about how you will spend your travel money once you are there. With the right service or product you can be sure you are getting the most for your money. Some may argue that taking a variety of payment methods and options with you when you go away is best but planning ahead is essential as changing money at the airport is probably the least cost effective option as airports tend to give the worst rates. The amount of currency that your money will get depends on the exchange rate, which can vary from day to day.

Before you decide what option is best for you, you should work out how much cash you think you will need so you can see how much you are getting for your money. It is important that you choose the right option for your needs, be it travel money, traveller’s cheques or travel FX cards. Once you have decided which travel money option is best suited to you, you should compare different products to find the best possible deal including all the features, fees, exchange rates and any additional benefits. You can do this through sites like Which Way To Pay which offer unbiased comparison tables full of some of the leading travel products and services on the UK market.

Many see travel money as the simplest option but remember that taking a large amount of cash is risky. By pre-ordering your currency you can make big savings, especially if you take the time to find the best deal and exchange rates. You can buy foreign currency at banks, travel agents, post offices, and bureau de change in airports. Travel money companies can give you access to some of the best exchange rates. The best currency provider will depend on your requirements. You can order your currency online, over the phone or through a local branch. When buying currency you should also consider delivery time and methods as well as the exchange rate and check for any charges. You can get your holiday money delivered straight to your home or office or you may prefer to pick it up at the airport.  If you want larger amounts of money or require a more unusual currency you may have to allow for more time. Commission charges may vary but there are many providers who do not charge commission on most currencies.

A great thing about travel money companies is that if you come back with money unspent they can buy back your remaining cash without commission.

Travellers’ cheques are pre-printed cheques for a fixed amount in a single currency. They might seem a bit old fashioned but if you are visiting a country where credit cards are not accepted or you do not want to carry large amounts of cash then you might want to consider using traveller’s cheques. Traveller’s cheques are convenient; you can pick them up through a branch or order them online. They are much safer than carrying cash and are available in many currencies, can be exchanged at hotels, banks, foreign exchange bureaus and are also accepted at many shops and restaurants. They let you budget and control your travel expenses with ease and they do not expire so any used cheques can be saved for future trips. Traveller’s cheques can also be easily replaced if they are lost or stolen.

When you receive the cheques you should sign them immediately on the top left hand line because in many cases you are not protected if they get stolen or you lose them until you do so. Remember to keep your cheques secure by not countersigning them until you want to use them. Keeping a note of the serial numbers will also help you if you need to report them stolen or lost.  When exchanging travellers cheques please note that commission charges may apply and these fees can vary depending on your location. Furthermore, you should also take into account where you are travelling to because more remote destinations are less likely to have outlets that will be able to exchange your traveller’s cheques.

Travel FX cards are a great way to carry and spend money abroad; you can carry all your spending money on one convenient card. These are very popular products and there are an increasing number of them emerging as more and more people are choosing to put their holiday money onto a travel card over using foreign currency or travellers cheques. They are a much safer and efficient alternative to carrying around large amounts of cash. They are very secure as many cards come with a chip and pin feature to safeguard you against fraud and furthermore, your money is protected if you lose your card. If your card is stolen or gets lost any unused funds will be put on a replacement card and sent to you, this is a benefit you will not enjoy if you have cash lost or stolen. These cards are really easy and convenient, not to mention flexible. You can top up your card 24 hours a day either by phone, through text or over the internet.

Travel money cards allow you to spend your money overseas without paying the high charges that many credit and debit cards apply. Travel cards can be used like any credit or debit card. You can use them in retailers, online, withdraw money from cash machines and they have worldwide acceptance.  Using your debit or credit card abroad can leave you with a load of hidden charges including cash withdrawal fees, interest charges and you may also be charged very high penalties every time you spend. With travel cards you can get some of the best exchange rates available and in most cases you can use the card for free when it is used inside the country of the currency on the card.

Travel cards work like prepaid cards or top up cards. You set the amount that you want on the card and when this runs out you simply top it up with funds to use it again. You won’t risk going into debt with these cards because you can only spend the money you have loaded onto the card and there are no overdraft facilities.  You also won’t receive any unwelcome bills when you return from holiday. This helps you stay in control of your spending while you are abroad. There is also no credit checks involved because you are not borrowing any money or being given access to a line of credit so anyone can get one.

Managing your account is really easy. You will be given an online account where you can top up your card, check your balance and even view your transactions. Most travel money cards also come with a 24 hour a day manned service so you can check and top up your balance online, by phone, or text wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Many cards are also reusable and can be used time and time again. This means you don’t have to worry if you don’t spend all of your money while on holiday, although you can ask for the money to be redeemed at any point before the card expires.

You should choose the card that best suits you and your currency needs. Look at what currencies the card providers deal in because the right card for you will depend on you and your currency needs. Next you should decide how much you want to load onto the card. This will affect which card is best for you because all cards will come with a minimum and maximum load amount which can vary widely.

Card issuers may charge you for certain things so looking at these will help you decide on the best card. You may find that there are initial purchase fees with some cards. Also be aware that there may be fees for using your card at cash machines and withdrawing money. Fees may also apply when you use the card outside the country of the currency on the card and redemption and commission charges may apply.

In terms of who is eligible for a travel card as previously mentioned there are no credit checks involved so anyone can apply. In general you usually have to be 18 years or over to apply for the card. Be prepared to provide identification to purchase a card in the form of a passport or driving licence. Applying for travel cards is easy, hassle free and can be completed online in a matter of minutes. If you have applied online for the card you simply wait for it to arrive which can be a matter of days. Alternatively, you can apply for one through a branch where you can often pick up a card the day you apply. You can start using your card as soon as you have activated it and retrieved your pin.